Best Thing I Ever Bought

Saying that this steam cleaner is the best thing that I ever bought is a little of an understatement. If there was ever an adjective that I could use to express my pleasure and satisfaction with this implement then maybe I would replace the adjective “best” in the statement “the best steam cleaner”. Sadly, there is no such adjective and so we will just have to settle best until such a time that a more deserving adjective will emerge. Forgive my blabbing but I happen to be a stickler for neatness.
Owning a fluffy carpet, I had to find a cleaner that would always ensure that my carpet is cleaner than clean. I just love the many benefits that a good carpet affords me; it keeps my house looking cozy, it gives warmth to my feet and accentuates the look of my room. But, I loathe looking at dirty carpets. The site of any tiny little stain on my carpet disgusts me. I deliberately chose a brightly colored carpet for my room so that I can spot and eradicate dirt at the earliest time possible. I don’t like rags that hide stains and dirt; they are my greatest enemies and we cannot abide in the same home. Anyway, for the purposes of ensuring that my carpet is always spotlessly clean, I had to invest in the best steam cleaner that I could lay my hands on.

Before buying this steam cleaner, I had time to experiment with traditional carpet cleaning services that used water and soap. I quickly learnt that soap and water are not the best in cleaning carpets. This assertion is founded upon the premise that soap and water can only eliminate surface stains but they are incapable of pulling out the dirt and stains that embed themselves in the fibers of the carpet cloth. I also discovered that carpets cleaned with soap are left with some soap residue which ultimately becomes a dirt magnet creating a bigger problem.

But I am proud that after months of experimentation, I finally found the best steam cleaner for my sky blue carpet. This amazing carpet cleaning machine uses steam to clean the carpet and remove all stain and spots from my carpet. If you saw my carpet today and compare it with how it was some three months ago, you are likely to think that I changed my carpet. But truth be told, I owe it all to this wonderful steam cleaner.

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These Amazing Portable Air Conditioners Ive Ever Used

Need the best models of portable air conditioners? Today, a wide range of new buildings have air conditioning systems which are instilled. Not all people need a system which covers the entire building. Sometimes, you only want one of your own rooms to be cooled down. Also, you can have an option to add another unit for quick cooling. At this point, a portable air conditioner is the most appropriate. It is actually incredibly useful and really necessary for a smaller room which has no central system. A portable air conditioning unit is actually lightweight enough to wheel or carry to any other room. You can go through the best portable air conditioner ratings to help you in getting the right one.

Therefore, you are able to use it for a wide variety of rooms. Some of the things which you should consider before you make any decision to purchase a portable air conditioner include the size of the unit. You should check the size of the area which the unit can efficiently cool. Also, ensure that you purchase a unit which is really portable. You should generally ensure that you purchase a model which has the features that you like. The following are some of the best models.


NewAir AC12000E

NewAir AC12000E is one of the few models of this size which rates high in customer satisfaction and independent tests reviews. It efficiently and quickly cool mid or even large size room up to 425 sq feet in area. Also, this model is protected by the manufacturer`s best returns policy and warranty. You will really have no problem if you purchase this quality product.


Honeywell MN12CES

This air conditioner is actually aesthetically pleasing. It has a stylish silver and black design. The overall sleek and the clean lines design really proves that its manufacturer has also though about appearance. The unit is really packed with features which are up-to-date.

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Get on Top of the Ironing

Let us face it, no matter how your day or week has been hectic; at the end really you will have a couple of clothes that need to be ironed. It may not be a lot of fun, but with a pretty good steam iron, the whole task can be made relatively easy and fun at the same time. It is because of this that I have taken my time to put together the best steam iron reviews 2014.


DeLonghi Turbo Professional

This amazingly powerful ironing tool is comfortable and quite easy to use. It comes with an extremely comfy grip, great steam output and a reservoir that can be filled with so much ease. It is currently among the best for it produces tons of steam and remains hot for quite a length of time.

The weight of this DeLonghi steam iron is outstanding; it is lightweight and you will not be required to have huge muscles to pull in top of your clothes. However, that has not actually compromised on the safety of this steam iron. After all, weighing around five pounds, it is very less likely to be tipped over.

Electrolux Perfect Glide

For around $100, you can be sure of going home with this incredibly designed steam iron. Despite of its enormous power, it has actually made a name for itself as one of the easiest to use. It also comes with one of the biggest water reservoirs and the soleplate can stay hot for one of the longest period. The Electrolux ELFI18K7MT works well with linen, cotton and synthetics. Try it today.

Rowenta Eco Intelligence Steam Iron

This masterpiece from Rowenta brand is sending shock waves in within and without the industry. Thanks to its innovative and never seen before soleplate design, this stem iron promises one of the biggest energy savings. It does not stop there, it is eco friendly. More Rowenta reviews here.

The designers actually upped their game and did a stellar job on this one. This particular steam iron can get rid of any stubborn wrinkles effectively and within the shortest time possible. Moreover, the buttons and control settings have all been placed nicely. You can maneuver through the control with ease. Verdict; it is the most ideal solution for linen, cotton and silk clothing.

Top 3 best humidfiers for babies

Whereas adults can turn to over the counter drugs to treat flu and cold or even get preventative flu shots, the same cannot be recommended for children under the age of 2 years. Also babies under the age of 6 months should not get a flu vaccine. This leaves parents with only one choice, i.e. to get a humidifier. A humidifier helps babies breathe with ease and creates a harsh environment for viruses to thrive. Choosing a best humidifier for baby considering the wide choice in the market is hard, however, I have gone through many customers feedback and reviews and has come up with the following as the best humidifiers;

humidifier for baby

Crane Drop Humidifier

This is one of the best if not arguably the best, It is easy to use and all you need to do is adjust the flow of mist to enable adequate amount of moisture get back into the air. Another good thing about it is that it is silent ensuring your baby’s sleep is not interfered with. Its design which takes a water drop shape adds a beautiful aura to any room. Its nozzle is designed to turn 360 degrees enabling you to turn it in whichever direction you prefer.

Crane Adorable

This is another good humidifier, the designers had in mind the parents overwhelming responsibilities and hence made it easy to refill hence easing parents work. Also, It circulates rapidly ensuring no still water is left behind hence, no mold or bacteria can get left growing in the humidifier. It is easy to clean and it comes in a variety of designs many of which take animal form making your baby room look beautiful

Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier

This is particularly helpful when the flu and cold season arrives. Its water tank is easy to refill and monitor. It comes with a dish washer safe cooling chamber as well as a medication cup to ease cleaning. It also produces low noise.

As a precautionary measure, always ensure your humidifier is on a flat surface. Although it is for the benefit of children, keep it away from them and pets as well. While a humidifier is on, you must always keep the door to your child’s room open otherwise the room could get overly humid. Warm-mist humidifiers should be kept away from children rooms because their hot steam can cause burns and could also get some of the surfaces unbearably hot for children.