Porn Is Safe… For Now.

Porn-makers nationwide can breathe a sigh of relief: America’s latest wanna-be savior has dropped out of the Republican Party Presidential race:

The presidential campaign of former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum (R) came to an end today at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

With his family behind him on stage, Santorum said he made the decision with his family in recent days.

“We made a decision over the weekend that, while this pres race for us is over,” he said, announcing that he is suspending his campaign, “we are not done fighting.”

Talking about his successes, he said that people asked him, “How were we able to come from nowhere?” He was a “witness of” people’s aims for the country, he said, and “miracles” happened with his primary wins.

“We have tried to be a witness not just for your story or your voice but to try to bring a positive message … reflecting the hopes of Americans, not the fears of Americans.” He pointed to his attempts to address ”radical Islam” and a “sluggish economy.”

His also noted that his campaign was about “the moral enterprise that is America.”

Yawn. The only reason I was excited about his possible presidency? Undoubtedly he would have destroyed the GOP once and for all as it devoured itself in a frenzy of amazeballs craziness.

On a snarky note, I can’t help but note that his family seems to be handling defeat much better than his failed attempt at Senatorship:



Last time he got his ass handed to him.

Oh well, good try Rick. Now please take your crazy somewhere else.

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