A Nightmare For NOMTweets

Advocates for marriage equality woke up this morning to be delighted by a hilarious scandal enveloping a hate group’s online persona: National Organization for Marriage has been hacked.

It started with a Tweet from the NOMTweets Twitter account apologizing for a scandal in which it became public they had attempted a wedge between gays and the black community:


Then their Facebook page put up a different apology:

Hmmm. What gives? Have Brian Brown and Co. finally come around? Or have they been hacked? LGBT blogs started to take notice, with Towleroad reporting a blog post going up on NOM’s website:


Seeming to corroborate this apology, all those who had been banned from the official Facebook page have been reinstated, proving that NOM was blocking people for having dissenting opinions.

But wait… there’s more!

The blog post and the website suddenly went down for maintenance:
Now it appears that the blog post has been taken down. Finally, Joe.My.God disseminates two Tweets, one from @NomTweets and one from @AmericanPapist that shed some light on the mystery:

At the time of this writing, it appears that the website is back under NOM’s control, people are free to say what they like on NOM’s Facebook, and NOMTweets, the official NOM Twitter account– just may be lost to them forever. The account is now styled “New Options for Marriage” and features a big ol’ gay flag for its pic.

Oh, NOM. Always good for a laugh.

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